Good2Gro Products Were First Introduced In The 1970’s,

by the late Mrs. Willie Pearl Grayson (1930-1991), after being diagnosed with a medical illness that required prescription drugs. Mrs. Grayson suffered from a dry scalp that caused her to lose most of her hair. During that time, she purchased product after product, without getting any relief or seeing any results. So, she started mixing small batches of natural home remedies that helped her regain the moisture in her hair that she had loss.

After having much success with her formulas on her hair, she began offering her products for sale to family members and friends. That’s when the business opportunity was realized. What Pearl began as a solution to solve a personal problem of her own, ended up helping many people with similar hair issues.

My Mom, always believed that by using healthy ingredients in her hair products that it would promote healthier hair and be healthier for you. While, sticking with those core beliefs, Gold Banner Beauty Products successfully, consistently and continues to produce hair and skin products that truly work for our loyal customer base. We are confident that our natural hair and skin products will work for you.

If you are experiencing hair loss due to a medical condition, prescription drugs, alopecia, balding edges, due to wigs and weaves, thinning, dry, dull, damaged, or aging hair, We recommend that you give Good2Gro a try or simply call us to receive a free natural hair consultation from one our experts.  They will help you choose the right products for your hair. We thank you in advance for visiting Gold Banner Beauty Products, family owned since the 1970’s.

Pearl Grayson