5 Protective Styles Perfect for Any Occasion

by John Nelson on Mar 09, 2022

5 Protective Styles Perfect for Any Occasion


Protective styling is one of the main components for retaining length and maintaining the health of your hair. Not only do they lock in moisture but they cut down the time it takes to get ready–who doesn’t want that? From box braids to Bantu knots, there are so many protective styles to choose from. Check out some of our favorite protective styles perfect for any occasion.

Flat Twists



Tuck away your delicate ends with a classic flat twist ‘do. This low maintenance style can be twisted in any direction, dressed up or dressed down for a casual everyday look. What we also love about flat twists is that they can be unraveled, revealing a gorgeous and bouncy twist-out. Moisturize your flat twists with our Good 2 Gro Mango and Shea Butter Style Creme.

Bantu Knots


Bantu knots are always in style. This 90’s throwback protective style locks in the moisture while elongating your curl pattern. For the slickest bantu knots that last all week, it is recommended to use a gel with maximum hold. Try out our Good Naturally Curl and Style Gel with Argan Oil.

Box Braids


Serve a serious 90’s look with box braids. Braiding synthetic hair onto your natural hair protects your tresses from the elements and from the stress that comes from over styling. Not to mention, box braids are one of the most low maintenance and last up to six weeks. Although this protective style doesn’t require a lot of upkeep, it is important to nourish your scalp, our Good 2 Gro Growth Elixir with Hemp Oil alleviates itch and stimulates new growth.

Crochet Curls


Similar to the sew-in weave, this style weaves synthetic hair onto cornrows for a voluminous look resembling natural hair. The only difference is that it doesn’t not require a weaving needle or harmful hair glue. Add a little luster to this style with our Good Naturally Hair and Scalp Serum with Argan Oil and Coconut Milk.

Faux Locs


Want the look of dreadlocks with out the commitment? Faux locks are for you. Similar to box braids, faux locs are achieved by crocheting Marley hair onto cornrows or by braiding synthetic hair in your natural hair and wrapping Marley hair around it. This protective style can be heavy and cause stress on the roots, so it is important to deep condition your hair and use a leave-in conditioner prior to your appointment–try out our salon quality Moisture Treatment Masque.

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