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High Puff Versus Wash & Go

By November 18, 2020Hair Care

What hairstyle comes to mind when you think of natural hair? Cornrows, twist, afro, bantu knots or flexi rod sets. A high puff and wash and go are among the most popular natural hair hairstyles. A common goal for naturalistas is moisture and definition. Between a high puff and wash and go, which hairstyle provided the best long-lasting definition and moisture? I put the two hairstyles to the test.

High puff

How to:

Step 1) Spray your hair with water to dampen it
Step 2) Use a moisturizing leave in or hair cream. This moisturizes your hair and makes the hairstyle last longer.
Step 3) Use a firm brush to distribute products and tame flyways. Start at the roots, then work your way upward.
Step 4) Place your shoelace, headband, string or ribbon around your puff.  Wrap it around as many times as you like. Tie it to secure it. Make sure it isn’t too tight.

Products Used: MoisturCurl Leave-in Conditioner and Curl Pudding

Definition Throughout the Week:

Day 1) After applying the curl pudding, my hair was very defined.
Day 2)My hair was still as defined as day 1
Day 3)Puff remained defined
Day 4) My puff was still defined.
Day 5) Puff started losing of definition
Day 6) Hair wasn’t as defined

Moisture Throughout the Week:

Day 1) After applying the products, my hair was very hydrated and moisturized
Day 2) My hair didn’t fully dry. Therefore, my hair was still moisturized and hydrated.
Day 3) My hair was fully dry but still felt moisturized.
Day 4) My hair still felt moisturized but started to look a little dry
Day 5) Still moisturized but my hair looked dry
Day 6) My hair didn’t feel as moisturized as the previous days but still felt soft.

Wash & Go

How to:
Step 1) Separate hair into sections
Step 2) For each section, apply your products (leave in conditioner, curl smoothie/pudding and gel)
Step 3) Holding the ends of the section, shake your hair. This enhances your    natural curl pattern
Step 4) Rake your finger through the section. Apply more products if needed

Products Used: MoisturCurl Leave in Conditioner and Curl Smoothie

Definition Throughout the Week:

Day 1) After applying the products, my hair was very defined
Day 2) Used a diffuser to dry my hair which caused a little shrinkage. Hair was still defined
Day 3) My hair was defined but started losing definition
Day 4) Started to get frizzy but still defined
Day 5) Not very defined
Day 6) A little definition

Moisture Throughout the Week:

Day 1)After applying the product my hair was very moisturized and hydrated
Day 2) Despite using a blow dryer, my hair was still very moisturized and hydrated
Day 3) My hair was moisturized but not as hydrated
Day 4)Re moisturized and hydrated my hair with the leave in conditioner
Day 5) Hair felt a little moisturized and hydrated
Day 6)Hair was slightly moisturized


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