For 50 years

Gold Banner Beauty Products Co, has produced quality natural hair care products. Our flagship brand Good2Gro along with sister brands Good Naturally and Resilience Salon Products, have provided hair care products to multicultural consumers, with innovative, tailor-made, and superior quality, that are safe and effective for five decades.

Our original formulations were first produced in 1969, by our founder the late Pearl Grayson in her kitchen. Today, Gold Banner Beauty Products has a broad portfolio of brands, which are both rich with heritage and innovation, making us unique.

By relying upon the depth of our research and development team, we are consistently advancing our products to surpass the industry standards, making our brands the safest and most effective beauty products on the market.

We believe that everyone should be able to celebrate his or her own beauty with both confidence and flair. For people of color, this means that they want to be able to express who they uniquely are and want to be, and how they uniquely want to look.

At Gold Banner Beauty Products, we blend only natural and organic ingredients into our formulas, that have come through for the community that gave birth to us. Helping men, women, and children of color define and express beauty, on their own terms.

We are committed to being the world leader in multi-cultural personal care products that our consumers can trust, and we will never use harmful ingredients like Parabens, Phthalates, Mineral Oil or Formaldehydes. Tested on our family for five decades. Never on animals.