Good2Gro with Hemp Seed Oil

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Try Good2Gro with Hemp Seed Oil & Discover Your Perfect Skin & Hair Balance!
As you may know Hemp Oil is described as a superfood and is the only vegetable protein that contains all 21 known amino acids, which act as antioxidant to fight damage caused by the environment. These attributes create a hair and skin superpower that relieves dryness and provides essential amino acids our bodies need to remain healthy and balanced.

  • Body, Hair & Bath Oil “Helps to Remove Stretch Marks, Rebuild Collagen and Elastin, Essential to Hair and Skin Resiliency” 8oz.

  • Good2Gro Moisturizing Hair Milk with Hemp Seed Oil “Stops Hair Breakage, Adds Moisture and Stimulates Hair Growth” 8oz.

  • Good2Gro Growth Elixir “Stimulates Fast Hair Growth, Soothes Dry and Itchy Scalp” 4.3oz.