Resilience Brand

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  • Resilience Twist & Curl Crème “For Fine, Thick, Wavy, Curly & Kinky-Coily Natural Hair, Anti Frizz Curl Moisturizer, For Well Defined Twists & Twist Outs, Great For Dry Hair” 16oz.

  • Hand Sanitizer Spray 75% Alcohol Antiseptic Topical Solution That “Kills 99.99% of Covid-19 Virus Causing Bacterias” 4oz.

  • Resilience Moisturizing Shampoo with Mango & Shea Butter “Moisturizes & Conditions To Promote Thicker, Fuller & Healthier Hair” 32oz.

  • Resilience Hair Polish 4 or 8oz.

  • Resilience Clarifying Shampoo with Argan Oil “Cleanses the Hair by Stripping Away Buildup & Residue Not Moisture, Great for High Porosity Hair” 32oz.

  • Resilience Curl Enhancing Wrap Lotion “Foam Wrap” 7.7oz.

  • Resilience Leave-In Detangling Conditioner with Mango & Shea Butter “Hydrates and Conditions Dry, Thick, Coily and Kinky-Curly Hair, Stops Breakage & Mends Split-Ends” 16oz.

  • Resilience Thermal Straightening Serum with Argan Oil 2oz.

  • Resilience Conditioning Hair Masque “Hydrates, Moisturizes, Repairs, Restores and Strengthens the Hair” 16oz

  • Resilience Control Gel with Argan Oil “Delivers A Maximum All Day Hold and A Healthy Shine, Without Flaking” 16oz.

  • Resilience Curl Pudding “Adds Moisture, Stretches Curls and Coils To Elongate, Tackles Frizz, Shrinkage and Dryness” 16oz.

  • Resilience Crème Shine with Mango & Shea Butter “Keeps Curly Hair and Fine Hair, Healthy and Moisturized” 16oz.