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If you desire to add moisture and hydration, while enhancing your hair’s natural wave and curl pattern. Get the Good and say goodbye to dry, thirsty and dull looking hair. Our products are specially formulated and blended with natural ingredients, to bring out the very best in every curl and coil, giving your hair shine and manageability without leaving residue. Customers call Grayson Beauty Brands a “Godsend”, because of the “moisture” their hair retains, hours after using our products. Curly, wavy, kinky, and Afro-textured hair transforms into luscious, shiny and soft curls after the first use. If you want products that infuse an intense amount of moisture, hydration and shine into every step of your unique hair styling technique, try our products and if you are not completely satisfied we will refund your money.

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Most Loved Products

  • Mango & Shea Butter Moisturizing Shampoo W/SURE2GRO 8oz.

  • Good2Gro Gro Serum with Tea Tree & Olive Oil 4oz.

  • Mango & Shea Butter Moisturizing Conditioner W/SURE2GRO 8 oz.


This is the best shampoo I’ve ever used in my life. Bought it because I was running low on the curl and shine shampoo and I used to love SM. Good2Gro Sulfate Free Shampoo is really good, one cap full and I had lots of suds and lather and my hair was nice and clean but not stripped. This is now the only shampoo for me. Thanks G2G.

Christina G

There was a time in my life you couldn’t pay ME to have short hair, go without a perm, or let alone show my forehead but I gotta give a “Shout Out” to my sis Monica Petties for introducing me to GOOD2GRO product line (I’ve been using it since September). Not only it’s ALL NATURAL for natural hair it’s great for permed hair also. If you would like to try it, you can contact Monica, on Facebook, or the contact page of the website. Look At My Hair Now!!!!

Tracy SugaMama Lyons-Fugate

Just tried Good Naturally Knot Tamer Leave-In Detangling Conditioner and Curling Pudding yesterday, and I love the curls that it produced on my 4C semi-gray natural hair! I’m a semi-product junkie, so I’ve tried puddings and gels from all brands that take a while to produce the curls (have to let it dry) or weigh my hair down.

Roxanne Simmons

Sooooo I cut my hair in March. Got rid of damaged hair and started using Good 2 Grow. Here’s before and after. Thanks cuz for the products Tracy SugaMama Lyons-Fugate.

Aysha Johnson

I’m amazed! My hair never looked better and more alive! I love, love, love this product line. Smells Amazing. Smells like Tropical Fruit Candy, leaves my hair soft, clean, nourished, and shiny!

Barbara H

Thank you! I first tried your product after seeing an ad in Essence magazine. I tried the Edge and Curl paste first and I liked it so much that’s why I ordered 2 as well as all the other products to try. It was the best Edge and curl paste I’ve used.


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