I would like to sell Gold Banner Beauty Products How can I sign up?

Please see our become a retailer tab at the top of our home page.

Do your products contain alcohol?

Good Naturally products do not contain harmful alcohols.

What is your policy on recycling?

Please rinse out the container and recycle the container according to your local city and state recycling programs.

What is your policy on animal testing?

Good Naturally products are not tested on animals.

Are there are specifics ways this product should be stored?

Do not store in extreme cold or heat.

My hair seems like it’s always breaking. What should I do?

Identify the source of the breakage. Is it dry and brittle feeling? Do you use tools like hard brushes and small tooth combs? Is it your technique of handling your hair? Once you eliminate these as possibilities, you should focus on moisturizing your curls daily. The moisture makes hair super hydrated and more pliable. You should see a big difference in the amount of breakage.

My scalp is always dry and I do have flakes. What should I do or use?

Your hair and scalp need moisture. We suggest to use the tips of your fingers (not your fingernails) and gently massage into your scalp the Good Naturally Wild Growth Serum. This will increase the circulation while you are infusing your hair and scalp with moisture.

If I co-wash instead of shampooing, which conditioner should I use?

Good Naturally Stimulating & Strengthening Conditioner can be used as a Deep Conditioner and Co-Wash

My hair is super-thick (probably a 4C) and tangles easily. How do I get wonderfully defined curls?

MOISTURE, MOISTURE, MOISTURE! Fortunately, all of the Good Naturally products are designed to infuse moisture at every step. Also, be sure to treat your 4C strands with care as they are most fragile and easily tangled.

My hair will start out nice and curly in the morning, but by the middle of the day I have a headful of frizz. What can I do?

This is a challenge for a lot of naturalistas. The Good Naturally Natural Hair Care System is infused with natural and organic ingredients that are designed to combat frizz. With the proper use of each product your hair should be frizz free.

I am in the middle of transitioning, and am having a hard time getting great curls on my relaxed ends. What should I do?

It is difficult to get great curls on relaxed ends. Keep in mind the hair has been chemically relaxed which means the natural curl pattern has been chemically altered to a straight state. While transitioning you will need to use tools like rollers and rods to achieve a curl pattern.

My hair has multiple textures – some strands are coily, some are straight, and it’s so hard to manage. What should I do?

Embrace your many textures! What all of the textures have in common is the need for moisture to achieve optimal levels of hair health. The healthier your hair, the easier to manage. Wear a style that will perfectly and uniquely showcase your many textures.

What is the difference between Curl Pudding and Curl Elongator?

While both products are great to achieve various natural styles they are a bit different in the end result. Curl Puddings are primarily used to define the natural curls wave you have. While the Curly Pudding defines the curl an elongator is designed to reduce the amount of shrinkage you will get in the final style.

I’m going to transition my hair, but do not want a Big Chop. What products will help me grow out my healthiest curls?

Moisture is the key to transitioning. All of Good Naturally products are designed to infuse moisture at every step. What’s key to transitioning is moisture and protective styles. Please see our transitioning tip on our website at www.naturalstylebyfubu.com.

What is the best way to control shrinkage?

Shrinkage – Shrinkage is a reality for most natural hair. There are many ways to combat shrinkage both with products and styling techniques. 1) You can use a product like Good Naturally Curly Pudding. This blend of ingredients is designed to minimize the amount of shrinkage you would normally have. 2) You can use other techniques to “stretch” your curls. Refer to our styling tips at www.goodnaturally.net to see some of these techniques.

What is the best way to style very coily (kinky) hair? What about shrinkage?

The best way to style curly and kinky hair is as unique as your own personal style! The sky is the Limit…Go for it Naturalista!